They’re back! Orange & Fennel!

We’ve been waiting patiently for the oranges in our orchard to ripen and at last it’s time.  The unique flavour of fresh spray-free orange zest combined with fennel have made these a winter favourite in our range. Click here to order.

Vegan-friendly, gluten-free cracker bread option.
Vegan-friendly, gluten-free cracker bread option.

New! Vegan-friendly Primal Planks

You asked, we answered! Another vegan-friendly product has been added to the range. Our Planks are robust, crunchy and a perfect cracker bread substitute. Check them out here.


We don’t use processed foods. Ever.

At Primal Hunger we produce a range of paleo-friendly snack foods that taste so good you won’t believe they’re healthy!

We understand that most of us don’t always have the time to “hunt and gather” in order to make our own healthy food.

And once you start understanding what is actually in a lot of packaged food at the supermarket, options for the health-conscious become very limited. At Primal Hunger we’ve made it easy for you by creating a range of Paleo-friendly foods that satisfy your hunger for tasty, guilt-free food.
We like to think this is how the modern caveman would eat.


“They were delicious!  I especially liked the fact they were low GI, a useful snack that’s for sure :-)”
- Jane

“These don’t taste like they would be good for you. Delicious!”
- Richie

“Primal Hunger crackers got me through my low-carb detox. You don’t have to be Paleo to love this food”.
- Kristina

“My tastebuds are in heaven!”
- Eugenie

“I love these crackers. I’m not Paleo but I would grab for these first anytime”
- Avi, vegetarian